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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Santa Clara, CA at Crestview Dental GroupWhitening your teeth is one of the simplest ways you can make a huge impact on your smile. Whitening can enhance your look, while giving you a younger brighter appearance. Our office, along with Dr. Wallis offers both in office and at home whitening treatments based on your needs. Our team at Crestview Dental Group can show you the pros and cons for treatment options and answer your questions, helping you decide what is the best option for you.

Why have my teeth yellowed?

Yellow teeth can be due to a couple of different causes, either the enamel has worn down exposing the enamel beneath, or your teeth have stained with wear. We can help with both. We can help rebuild the enamel through the application of fluoride and remove stains caused by normal use.

Teeth stain from normal use, it’s just part of what happens from using them daily. We expose our teeth to stain causing foods, drinks, and bacteria daily and with time, they begin to show their age. Even our most admanant brushers eventually are subject to stained or dingy looking teeth. Whitening your teeth can remove years off their look, making them look brighter and you look younger. At Crestview Dental Group, we believe that whitening your teeth should not be thought of as cosmetic treatment, but part of your annual hygiene routine. If our patients considered having their teeth whitened once a year, they would see a significant enhancement to their overall smile and look.

Some of daily stain causing particles that your teeth encounter includes:

•  Foods that Stain:There are a variety of foods that we ingest that are known to cause stains on our teeth. This includes all various types of berries, foods that contain citric acid or are acidic, and sauces such as tomato based sauces and soy sauce.
•  Drinks that Stain:Some of the drinks we love are prime suspects in causing staining on our teeth, including drinks that contain tannic acid such as coffee, tea and soda. Red wine is also a common drink that causes stains on our teeth.
•  Stains from Normal Wear:As with the rest of our body, our teeth just begin to show our age. Teeth become stained from the bacteria we inhale and look dirty or dingy. We can remove this aged look through teeth whitening and brightening your smile.

Are store bought teeth whitening kits effective?

The short answer is yes, store bought kits are effective. The longer answer is yes, effective, but time consuming. This is because store bought kits are not able to provide you with the percentage of peroxide that we are able to prescribe. Store bought kits are limited to 5% peroxide, and many are only 3%, so you will get results, but less intensely, and over a much longer period of time. The results will be limited.

In Office Teeth Whitening

At Crestview Dental Group, we can whiten your teeth in office using the Zoom! Whitening treatment in less than one hour. In just one hour, you can have a beautiful professional look, and a smile that will light up a room.

Under the care of one of Dr. Wallis, we are able to use a much higher percentage of doctor prescribed peroxide. Depending on your needs, this will be anywhere from 15% to 43%, giving you immediate results.

At Home Prescribed Whitening Kits

Dr. Wallis can customize a whitening kit for you to use at home. We create customized plastic trays that will fit comfortably, and prescribe you the dosage of peroxide that best meets your needs. Our home kits are generally designed with peroxide levels of 3% and 20%. We are happy to discuss this treatment with you.

Following Whitening

In the first couple of days following your whitening treatment, you will be cautioned to avoid stain causing foods. The possibility of staining the enamel will be elevated.

Your whitening treatment is not permanent, new stains will occur with regular use. We recommend that our patients view whitening as a normal part of their hygiene and consider whitening touch ups annually.

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