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Do You Ever Need to Switch Out Dental Crowns?

Posted on 1/17/2018 by Renée,
Dental Crown Crestview Dental Group CA 95050Dental crowns do sometimes need to be replaced when they are placed in the mouth.

This is why it is important to consider the quality of the crown that is in your mouth to find out if it may need to be replaced currently or in any point in the near future.

Dental Crown Lifespan

The lifespan of a dental crown is usually anywhere between 5 to 15 years. However, some dental crowns have been known to last for as long as 25 years in some instances. It all depends on how well the crown is placed in the mouth and how much wear and tear it receives through the years.

Having a Dental Crown Replaced

If you notice problems with the dental crown or if it falls out, then speaking with a dentist is the best thing to do. You need to make sure that the crown is replaced in a timely manner and the best way to go about doing so is by making an appointment.

When the dental crown is becoming loose is usually when the person considers speaking with their dentist regarding a replacement. However, when you go in for your cleaning after a few years of having the crown, you can ask them to check on it to make sure that it is in the best shape that it should be in and that it does not have to be replaced any time soon.

Speak with our office today if you have a dental crown that needs to be looked at. Our professionals have the knowledge and tools needed to ensure that you have a crown that stays in your mouth for some time to come. You shouldn't have to worry about going back time and time again to have it replaced. Give us a call today to learn more.

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